So What’s Better for Your Trip?

Travel Trailers

​Forget monthly payments that are never-ending. Save your money for your road-trip!

Let’s get you in an RV that will help you roll with the fun… and leave you with some cash in your pocket so you can enjoy!

Consider this, While Hybrid Trailers offer more space, they can be less roomy than a Travel Trailer or a 5th Wheel Trailer.  Both the Travel Trailer and the 5th Wheel Trailer are a logical next step in having more space and storage.

5th Wheel and Travel Trailers have slides to expand rooms. These slides are complete with more durable constructed RV walls. While a Travel Trailer may seem like a no brainer hook up, the 5th Wheel Trailer may be worth a closer look. A 5th Wheel Trailer floor plan can offer you higher ceilings and maybe a bit of luxury. 5th Wheel Trailers, in general, offer a higher-end living experience.

Another Hybrid Trailer and Pop Up Trailer challenge has to do with temperature control. The tent-like material makes maintaining a temperature harder in extreme weather conditions. Rainy days, heat waves, and cold may be an issue. This could make the difference in your experience.

Consider sound control and privacy with Hybrid and Pop Up Trailers. Canvas material is not as effective with noise control as an RV made with sturdy walls. Private conversations in a Hybrid or Pop Up Trailer may not be an option. If you choose a Hybrid or a Pop Up Trailer, you will not want to park near that camper with the loud generator.

One more thing to think about is security in a Hybrid or Pop Up Trailer.  Depending on where you plan to roam and spend your nights, you may want to expand your sense of safety. Canvas can be less secure than the fiberglass, aluminum, or lauan walls provided in a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel Trailer.
When you get into 5th Wheel Trailers and Travel Trailers you will definitely need a truck. You will need the towing power to tow you and yours around. 5th Wheel Trailers and Travel Trailers are a great way to know you and your group are at your safest with privacy. These campers are also a smart choice when it comes to shelter from extreme weather conditions. It can rain all day, be humid, or just plain cold and you will be as comfortable as can be inside.  If it dips down too low in temperature it is a good idea to buy an extra heater or two for your Travel or 5th Wheel Trailer. A heater will ensure comfortable living and sleeping. Don't forget to think about safety while using a space heater.

​​Travel trailers often come with bunk beds or a bunkhouse no matter what type of RV you go for! Many come with a jackknife style futon or have sofa beds to convert as well.

What are the major differences between the Hybrid Trailer, Travel Trailer, and the 5th Wheel Trailer? Let's sum it up quickly!


​Why Buy From A Small Local RV Dealership?

​Because in the end, buying travel trailers shouldn’t be full of other people’s ideas for you!

It’s simple, Kris prepares a trailer for you to visit. 
You ask questions about what you need and if the RV fits your needs you move forward. Kris answers your questions and helps you feel comfortable purchasing. He wants to make sure your experience is just that, yours! 

Kris likes to match people up with quality travel trailers for an affordable price. He offers some of the best used travel trailers around. He wants you to get what you are looking for. Kris offers a variety of travel trailer manufacturers. Don’t get taken in by salespeople and financing departments. When you are ready to make a decision without compromising what YOU need, Kris will be there to help you find your RV!

 Where will your “new to you” one of a kind RV take you?

If you are looking for more of the open-air camping experience you may want to go with a Hybrid or Pop Up camper trailer. Hybrid Trailers have slides that pop out with tent-like wings. Beds and bunk beds usually fit in these “pop up” canvas areas. Pop Up Trailers are on the lightweight side to tow. They also expand for more people to join your fun!

How Do I Make this Gently Used RV Feel like MY HOME?

Your Travel Trailer is home on the road! It doesn’t have to cost you as much as a house mortgage.

Buying a used Travel Trailer is not only smart for your wallet, but it’s a smart way to design your road trip experience.

This is the beginning of your adventurous lifestyle! Shouldn't your RV Travel Trailer resemble your personalized sense of adventure?

​In the end, buying used will give you a more unique experience in your RV. Isn’t that what your road trip aims to be?

​ travel trailers

This is it, that once in a lifetime event when you let your heart lead the way!

This is it! It’s time! You have waited to hit the open road in a travel trailer for a lifetime! KAR RVs offers a variety of quality used rvs.

Will you be on the go living more than settling in? 

Thinking about how much time you want to be traveling and living is a good idea.  This ensures you are ready and making the most of your dream road trip!

A second vehicle may be necessary for your larger group to travel in. Remember, you will be traveling in your tow vehicle. Be sure you plan to be comfortable as you tow your RV to your destination.

 As you plan your road-trip, think about how much time will be traveling time. Factoring in time to stretch your legs is important. Thinking about what you need will lead you to the great road-trip you always dreamed about! There are many great tools and apps online to help you make the best of your experience. Check out the informative links at the end of this blog for the Reserve America site link.

Visionaries like Jack Kerouac didn't think about material comfort. When he set out on an adventure his mind was on the questions he had about life. He set out with a curious mind and a sense of excitement to experience what the world has to offer!

Is This A Road Trip For Two, or a Few?

What Does YOUR Dream Road Trip Look Like?

Do it in your own style. Do it your way.

5th Wheel Trailer 

Hybrid Travel Trailers and Pop Up Trailers

This is the coolest thing about buying used! While yes, buying new is a great way to feel luxurious, it is not the only way!

You are saving anywhere from $5,000 - $90,000 by buying used! 

Use this hard-earned money to spend on your road trip!
​ Renovating your RV doesn’t have to cost you more than you want to spend. There are a ton of DIY solutions out there waiting for you to find them. 

We have quality RVs at KAR RVs to get you some great bones to start with. Replace a sink or a table. Throw a coat of paint on some cabinets. Use fabric to add a new pattern or texture. Create an inviting space without spending a fortune!

You're not Dreaming, Gently Used RVs For Your Freedom Road Trip!

The inventory at KAR RVs is always changing. 
Take a browse on our site to learn more about the different amenities and options. 

Please don't hesitate to call Kris with questions, he is ready to take your call. 518.421.9048 
He may even have information for you on a new trailer not listed yet!

​​Travel trailers often come with bunk beds or a bunkhouse no matter what type of RV you go for! Many come with a jackknife style futon or have sofa beds to convert as well.

*Buying a used RV trailer is a great way to make your Travel Trailer into a home for an affordable price!*

Maybe it's just you with your backpack and an adventure in your mind! Is there a Westfalia camper in this vision?

Stop and think for a second about what this trip looks like in your mind's eye. Maybe a convertible car pops up on a dusty road? A best friend is with you and you are laughing as your hair blows in the wind.

This "5th Wheel" trailer gets its name after the hitching device used to attach the trailer in the bed of a truck. 5th Wheel Trailers tow smoother than your average Travel Trailer. This is due to the more secure 5th wheel hitching device.

Heart and Home Are Always With You!